La Fiesta Nacional de España

La Fiesta Nacional de España

Spain is set the on beautiful coastline, filled with historic cities and romantic evenings. The people come together on the cobblestone plazas for marvelous gatherings during the nation’s many festivals. 

La Fiesta Nacional de España is one such occasion!

This is a national holiday in Spain. Madrid usually celebrates with a military parade led by the king and prime minister of Spain.

The celebration began in 1935. It was then called “La Día de la Hispanidad,” a reference to Spain’s relations with its former colonies. In that way, it is similar to Commonwealth Day in the UK and former English colonies.

Al Nakhla Residential Resort, been an international community celebrated the Spanish National Day on 12th October 2018, with it’s residents and the Spanish Ambassador in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Honourable Alvaro Iranzo.