How to reduce the electricity bill during summer?

How to reduce the electricity bill during summer?

As most of you know the cost of the utility bills in KSA has increased dramatically. Below is some advice on how you can reduce the cost of your utility bills considerably and also help save our environment:

Summer cooling:

During the summer months, keeping the house cool can be a difficult and costly task. Keep these tips in mind to get the most out of the cool air.

·     During the day, block the heat from the sun by closing windows, doors and curtains, do not leave the doors or windows open for long periods of time and take measures to fix if they cannot close properly.

·     To save money on cooling costs turn the thermostat to 25C degrees or higher when you are sleeping or away from home. Raising the temperature by 3 degrees for eight hours can reduce your cooling costs by 5 percent.

·     Avoid creating unnecessary heat in the house during summer days. Plan to do heat and moisture-creating activities such as washing dishes, doing laundry, bathing and cooking before noon or past 8 p.m.

·     If you do not need the water heater, please switch it off.

·     Limit the amount of time you run kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans. Only run them for as long as it takes to get rid of any odors to minimize losing cool air.



Water, cleaning and maintenance:

Cleaning and fixing up the home is a great time to look for ways where you can conserve water and energy.

·     Only run the dishwasher when it is full, and load the dishwasher properly to ensure efficient water circulation. You can save even more water by scraping dishes instead of pre-rinsing them before putting them in the dishwasher.

·     Avoid having baths, have a shower instead.

·     Use the air-dry option or stop the dishwasher when the dry cycle begins and let the dishes air dry.

·     Run the clothes washer with a full load and use a minimum amount of detergent. Each load of laundry uses approximately 50 gallons of water.

·     Only use hot water to wash clothes that are very dirty. Clothes that are dirty from everyday wear can be cleaned using warm or cold water.

·     Be sure to clean your dryer’s lint filter after each use to make sure the dryer is running efficiently or hang your clothes to dry.

·     Take measures to fix leaky faucets and toilets to avoid wasting hundreds of gallons of water each week.

·     Use a bucket instead of running water to mop the floor. Also, a sponge mop will use less water than a string mop.

·     If you don’t need the water heater, switch it off.

·     If you do not need the lights or appliances or you are leaving your home, switch them off.

·     Do not leave your chargers or other devices plugged in, if you don’t need them.

·     Keep all of your appliances clean and well maintain to be more efficient and use less electricity.

·     When you open the fridge, keep the door open only for as long as it is necessary.

·     Using the microwave is faster and much cheaper on electricity than the oven.

·     Do not leave the water running, if it is not necessary.

·     If you are going on vacation, please turn off, all the appliances you do not need, water heaters and the water. 



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