A Little Act of Kindness

A Little Act of Kindness

How many times a day do you give gratitude for your family and for the blessings of your life?

Giving gratitude throughout the year is crucial for good mental health. Gratitude and kindness stimulates your neurotransmitters, the hormones that bring energy and happiness into your living experience. Now more than ever people need to think about what it means to be kind. Not because the world is in any more of a state of chaos then it ever has been, but because our world lends itself less and less to kindness.

Have you ever been lucky enough to receive someone’s random act of kindness? It’s amazing how a stranger buying me coffee can make my day. Research indicates that the recipient of kindness isn’t the only person who benefits. The person offering kindness also gets a boost, and a person who witnesses the act of kindness also feels good. Imagine the ripple effects from small acts of kindness, and see if there’s a way you can sprinkle them into your daily life.

We are happy to be sharing these acts of kindness by the people like you and me who call Riyadh their home. Enjoy reading and remember to have an open heart and share the love!

A Piece of Donut

by Gladys Manalo

Winter started last month of November and people are getting so lazy to get up in their bed they prefer to sleep rather to go to work! Unfortunately, we have too. “Tiktok tiktok tiktok” unstoppable sounds of my alarm @ 6:30 in the morning feeling so cold with 7°c oh! More 10 minutes please! “ring rang ring rang ring rang” continuously hearing that sounds! “Where is my phone??” Oh, my God is it real?! 10 miscall from my taxi driver two miscall from my boss! What happened, oh no its 8:10 in the morning! I cannot believe this! I feel disappointed with myself, as it happened first time to get late. I quickly took a shower and ran outside, calling my taxi driver to pick me up! “Inti feen, ana etesal, ana pakar inti moot( where are you, im calling you, I think you died)” Sajid my Pakistani taxi driver told with his terribly worried voice. I feel blessed someone is so kind to think and get worried about me. “ Sajid, can you pass by in dunkin donut, nearby the hotel “. “Esh dunkin donut (What is dunkin donut?”) confused question of him. I thought maybe he don’t understand me as he don’t speak English and even his Arabic is not that fluent so I get my phone and searched in the google what does the donuts look like. “Ana mafi malom hada,”, ana mafi akil hada” ( I do not know that, I don’t eat that), he sighed. My heart melted knowing that there is person who never eat and never see a donut while myself is feeling incomplete in a day without getting it! This time, I do not care to be late if I will spend more minutes to pass by and get a meal of donut for him. Oh God, you will never imagine how happy he was while his looking what is inside of the take away bag – a piece of donut. That’s life, even if you are having a bad day , seeing someone happy after a kind gesture, even his a stranger just forget about the differences of any culture, belief, color nor nationality, but start looking at them in the way you want them to see you. Greatness is not what we have, but it is in what we give. It is the most natural, outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and conviction that whatever excess we have, is for the benefit of those who are in need. Look, rivers do not drink their own water, nor do trees eat their own fruits. They enjoy in giving only. “Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and blind can see. Oh, I forget I was late at work! However, I will never forget “a piece of donut”

A Land of Love

by Paul & Lisa Whittle

We spent two weeks in Rwanda, central Africa this summer on a programme of community support. Paul was coaching young people (school age boys and girls) learning to play cricket for their health and recreation; and we participated in providing skills to mothers for their self-sufficiency and empowerment; and we helped on a local self-help project where a community was developing a track for a new bus route to reach local people. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences we have ever had.

Happiness in a Box

by Madiha Noman

Distributing fatoor boxes with kids creating a sense of awareness that how little act of kindness can bring change in lives of other and how sharing with some one is caring about them..