Tips for Tenants – How to Take Care of Your Rental

Tips for Tenants - How to Take Care of Your Rental

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Taking care of your rental as one would for their own home is highly beneficial for you and your property manager. Keeping your temporary/permanent rental property in tip-top shape should always be considered as a top priority of every tenant. Why? Proper upkeep of your rental property can always come in handy in negotiations of your lease terms, it might even be advantageous in forging excellent bonds with your property manager.

Here are some useful tips for you to follow to excel your way to being the perfect tenant:


1. Carefully review your contract

Be mindful to carefully review all the conditions in your lease or rental agreement before moving in. This will ensure that you gain a proper understanding of the acceptable terms of your tenancy along with the Dos and Don’ts. Have a chat with your property manager and make sure you’ve discussed everything outlined in your tenancy agreement. If you are to do anything that is not listed in your rental agreement/lease, make sure that you contact your landlord beforehand.


2. Keep clean

Clean your rental property and its furniture regularly, this, in turn, would benefit both you and your property manager. Try avoiding any breakages of the provided furniture. The upkeep of your rental home and its surroundings help with the longevity of the property.


3. Regular maintenance checks help

Do regular maintenance check-ups on your home appliances. This will most likely help you secure the safety deposit in full when you plan on moving out. If any appliance is malfunctioning, you can also place a maintenance request via Al Nakhla residential Portal or Customer Care. You can also request manuals and handbooks for specific appliances at your rental by following the same procedure.


4. Avoid littering

Avoid littering the surrounding environment of your rental space. All the communal areas at Al-Nakhla Residential resort are always kept clean and at pristine standards. Your cooperation to keep the surroundings clean and litter-free would be highly appreciated by your property manager.


5. Keep your bills in check

You can keep your electricity and utility bills in check by taking simple safety measures like keeping your doors and windows closed while air conditioning is turned on. Al Nakhla provides a Thermostat to regulate the temperature preferences on par with the changing seasons.


5. Communicate with your property manager

You can always decorate and personalize your rental to your preferences. However, keep in mind to notify the property manager of any structural and physical changes that are to be done.

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