The Benefits of Being
an Expat in Riyadh

The Benefits of Being an Expat in Riyadh

Riyadh is a great destination for expats with lots of new and blooming career opportunities. The city itself is the perfect blend of history and culture, incredible and adventurous to the one who explores. Swarmed with bustling streets, historic monuments, dunes and shiny skyscrapers, the city offers a richly rewarding lifestyle to all expatriates. 

Here we have put together a list of benefits that any expat can experience while navigating their life in Riyadh.


Accommodation and Safety is Paramount

Expats are given the privilege of living in close-knit community compounds with other westerners. Gated residential communities like Al-Nakhla Residential Resort offer a comforting lifestyle with an extensive range of family-friendly services and facilities to make you feel right at home. Western compounds provide you with the best form of security with the exposure to a multicultural environment with your fellow compound residents. Especially, with absolute freedom to dress the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. 

The city has taken high safety measures to ensure the well-being of its residents and the crime rate of the country is relatively low due to the strict laws of the kingdom. Almost all companies in Riyadh offer a handful of housing allowance to their expatriate employees, and it is considered to be one of the top benefits of Riyadh employment. 


Tax-Free and Attractive Pay

Building the perfect professional career in the heart of the kingdom’s economic hub – Riyadh is an exciting opportunity for any ex-pat. Yet, the most appealing prospect of working in Riyadh is its completely tax-free salaries. Generally, jobs in the kingdom offer a very competitive and cutting edge salary letting you earn big and live luxuriously. To add to its appeal, many companies offer medical, housing, travel allowances and many more intriguing benefits. Another interesting benefit for ex-pats working in KSA is the End of service remuneration which is served by most companies for long-term employment.


Sponsored Air Tickets to Fly Home

Most companies offer all-inclusive air tickets to their ex-pat employees to a back and forth roundtrip for their home countries on an annual basis. 


Quality Living

The living standards of Riyadh are significantly higher. However, the cost of living is comparatively lower than that of most cities and countries allowing you to experience a quality lifestyle. All the essentials are well-reasonably priced and you will only find the imported products and items to be a little bit costly. 


Food and Drink

When it comes to foods and drinks, Riyadh has a lot to offer to everyone trying to get the taste of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. From luxurious fine dining to affordable meals, you will find an array of restaurants readily available to present you with a flavourful dining experience. 


Plenty of Educational Options

The educational standards of the city are no more than excellent. Due to the city’s high ex-pat population, Riyadh is home to many international schools offering high-quality education following multiple international curriculums such as IB, IGCSE and many more(Refer to our previous article on International Schools in Riyadh).


New Shopping Experiences

Riyadh is home to a whole host of luxurious shopping malls offering high-end designer products. You can also experience the traditional shopping scene by travelling to the narrow streets of the Riyadh markets locally known as souqs. 


Beautiful Local Attractions

Discover the beautiful local attractions scattered all over the city. Take on an adventure, and travel the glistening stretches of sand and many other locally acclaimed sites to experience the essence of the true Arabian heritage of the kingdom(Refer to our 10 Best things to do in Riyadh article).

All in all, we believe Riyadh is the best economic hub for you to climb the professional ladder of success while enjoying high-quality living!


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