Should Expat Women Wear An Abaya In Riyadh?

Should Expat Women Wear An Abaya In Riyadh?

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As a female expat living in Riyadh – the religious capital of the kingdom, it can be quite difficult to figure out the proper attire to wear in public. Once you step out of your compound and into the city, you will be greeted with the view of women dressed in traditional cloaks referred to as Abayas. Saudi Arabian women also tend to cover their hair and face with scarves natively popular as Hijab and Niqab.

Here we have some of the common questions that might raise your concern about the strict Saudi Arabian dress code. 

Is Wearing An Abaya Mandatory for women?

The short answer is No. It is no longer a compulsory legal requirement for expat women of the kingdom to wear Abayas. Female foreign expats are now able to roam the streets of the kingdom without the need of the traditional Saudi cloak, Abaya. However, by the law, it sheds light upon dressing in modest clothing.

What Should Female Expats Wear?

Foreign expats both female and male can now follow a much more relaxed dress code than that compared to the previous years.

Even though Abayas are not mandatory for female expats of Riyadh, the law states that the females of the kingdom are to be dressed in respectful clothing that covers their entire body. The clothing of the expats and tourists are to be loose-fitting. It is highly advised to refrain from the usage of body-hugging clothing.

The dresses worn should be less exposed showing little to no skin. When picking out your outfit make sure it specifically covers the chest, arms, legs and waist areas.

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