How to Stay Active with Kids

How to Stay Active with Kids

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Keeping kids active in an age of Xbox and computers is a downright challenge to every modern-day parent. Raising an active kid is vital to maintaining lifelong health and physiological well-being.

Regular exercise is vital for your little ones to burn off energy and benefit them in many ways. These benefits include strong muscle and bone growth, healthy weight maintenance, better sleep patterns, a decreased risk for many diseases, and a healthier outlook on life. An increased physical activity of your kid can have a positive impact on their cognitive abilities, academic behavior and has proven to boost up the child’s self-esteem, optimism, and overall behavior. Encouraging your kids and making physical activity a daily habit in your household is a great place to start.

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Schedule fun-filled exercises

One of the most effective ways to keep your kid moving and enthusiastic about being active is to schedule fun-filled exercises and PE activities throughout the day. You can always squeeze in a bit of Kids Yoga to your little ones’ exercise schedule as well. Or try to perk up your their interest by teaching them an exciting new sport. With an environment best suited for your child’s upbringing, Al Nakhla Residential Resort offers 6 Playgrounds specifically designed for toddlers and kids to experience active playtime.


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Build in sports to the routine

Getting your kids involved in sports can have a multitude of benefits. It most certainly promotes an active and fun lifestyle for your kid. Exciting sports can bring out the sportsmanship of your child while helping them develop time management skills and teamwork. With one of the best sports complexes at its hand, at Al Nakhla, we offer Tennis lessons, Badminton lessons, kids swimming, basketball lessons. Al Nakhla has an entire arena dedicated to letting your kids experiment with a variety of other activities such as football, gymnastics, cycling, Zumba, ballet, and martial arts. There is also an Adventure Soft Playground suited for toddlers and kids for their playtime.

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Be creative

Apart from physical activity and exercises, Arts and crafts activities play an integral role central to child development. Al Nakhla Residential Resort offers a special Arts and crafts room to let your kids explore their full creative potential. Arts and crafts activities help in improving your kids’ motor and coordination skills, expand their vocabulary, enhance decision-making skills, increase social development skills, boost up their productivity and creativity.

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Gaming isn't all bad

If you would like to keep your kids intact with the modern world and its technology, Al Nakhla Resort offers an all-around electronic games room to keep your kids occupied. Electronic gaming is a very powerful tool in cultivating certain life skills. Gaming can be beneficial to the overall development of your child while helping in the development of visual-spatial skills, coordination, problem-solving skills, imaginative play, and creativity.

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