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Going back to school after a long summer vacation can be extremely exciting for the kids. When a new semester swings into life, homework becomes a rigorous part of any classroom. Homework is an integral part of learning and it helps your little one revise the teachings of the classroom. A parent’s active interest in their child’s homework can motivate the child to excel in their homework habits. A parent’s consistent involvement in homework can also provide support and direction to boost your kid’s performance.

We have compiled a list of helpful homework tips every parent should follow to drive your little one towards a better and successful homework routine.

Set up a learning space

Create and assign a distraction-free, well-lit learning space for your kids to get started with their homework. Ensure this learning zone is well equipped with all the necessary stationery items. It is important to have stocked supplies of paper, pen, pencil, glue, eraser, sharpener and any other tools needed for the assignments within your kid’s reach.

Stick to a routine study time

Establishing a schedule and making studying/homework part of your kid’s routine will primarily encourage your child to be more productive. You have to pick a schedule that best works for your child. It can be in the late afternoon or after a snack and a play break. After picking the best-fitted schedule, ensure that you adhere to it all the time.

Create the right boundaries 

Clear boundaries are essential for the development of a steady and consistent homework routine. Set boundaries during study/homework time. This may include enforcing your child to have a play-time/tv time only once assignments are completed. Or refraining the usage of electronics/toys during study time. Make homework time a tech-free time.

Planning makes Perfect

Adhere to your child’s homework routine and try planning out the spread of assignments/homework your child should do per day on a homework calendar. This helps in keeping things well organized while allowing you as a parent to keep track of all the deadlines of your kid’s assignments. In addition, planning out manageable chunks of work teaches your little one time management and satisfaction of achieving small progressive goals every day.


Foster Independence and Accountability

Provide adequate guidance to your kid with their homework. Walk them through and teach them the ungraspable concepts in their projects/assignments. Direct your kids through their homework time but never do your child’s share of work for them, strongly reinforce independence. Simply, do not give out answers to their assignments. Regardless of whether your child is in elementary, middle, or high school, teach your kids to be accountable for their homework/projects and assignments. You should hold your kid responsible for writing down the deadlines, assignment structure, and the necessary homework material.

Review and Praise their efforts

You should be your child’s motivator, give out words of encouragement when your child needs it. Monitor and review their progress on homework, assignments, and projects. Praise and reward their efforts and appreciate all achievements of your child with the entire family. Foster deep pride in your child’s progress. This helps your little ones build up confidence while encouraging them to perform better and better in their academics. Support and be your kid’s cheerleader.

Connect with your child’s teachers

Maintain a healthy relationship with your kids’ teachers. Attend parent-teacher conferences regularly. Share with the teachers any concerns you do have about your child’s homework patterns

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