7 Must-Try Dishes in Riyadh

7 Must-try Dishes in Riyadh

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Saudi Arabian cuisine is filled with delightful combinations of food that will leave you craving for more. The kingdom has an extremely vibrant food culture with flavorful dishes that sate every adventurous foodie. Some of the delicacies will take you on a cultural trip with their representation of Arabian roots and tradition.

Introduce yourself to the luscious Arabian cuisine with these flavorsome dishes we’ve rounded up just for you.

Must try Foods Kabsa

As the national dish of the kingdom, Kabsa is the first rice dish on our list. This traditional dish can be presented with chicken, camel meat, shrimp or even fish. Served on a large platter, Kabsa is a flavorful well-mixed combination of vegetable and spice-induced rice. Typically similar to biryani, Kabsa is a delightful dish incredibly popular among the kingdom.

Must try Foods Shawarma

For the meat lovers out there, shawarma is a must-try.  The marinated and spit-roasted meat of this dish is prepared by cooking the meat on a rotating skewer. Chicken, lamb, turkey. Beef is one of the meats that can be used for a delicious shawarma dish.

Must try Foods Mitabbaq

Muttabq is a popular street food of the kingdom which can also be served as a mid-day snack. It is a folded fried pancake stuffed with various mouth-watering fillings. The fillings of a Mutabbaq can vary from one vendor to another. Usually, eggs, vegetables, ghee and meat are used to prepare the required filling for this stuffed pancake.

Must try Foods Falafel

This tasty vegetarian treat has a deep-fried patty or ball made out of chickpeas. Falafel is served in pita bread or wrapped in flatbread. The falafel balls or the patties are surrounded by salads, pickled vegetables and various kinds of sauces.

Must try Foods Saleeg


Saleeg is another creamy porridge textured rice dish prepared with broth and milk. Generally served in large platters with the choice of meat placed on the top.

Must try Foods Jereesh

Diving to the roots of Arabian culture, Jereesh is another one of your crushes. Widely popular in the months of Ramadan celebration, Jereesh is quick and easy to make. It is prepared with ground wheat, spices, meat and even broth.

Must try Foods Mammul

Mamul is sweet for the taste buds! These delicious cookies are stuffed with none other than fruits and nuts. These cookies are created for Easter celebrations. These cookies are usually of two shapes: balls and domes. The flavorsome cookie treats that are shaped of a dome are stuffed with walnuts whereas the oval one has pistachio.

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