10 best things to do in Riyadh

10 Best Things To Do in Riyadh

Boasting its rich heritage and culture, Riyadh is the financial heart of the country. With so many dazzling destinations to pick from Riyadh is home to the native Arabian architecture and long stretched spreads of sandy deserts. Riyadh has much to offer to both expats and travellers alike, with so many things to see and do, the capital is the perfect mix of exciting adventure and combining cultures.


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1. Explore the Al Masmak Fortress

The mesmerizing ancient fortress Al Masmak citadel is a significant historic symbol in the city. With a magnificent history that runs down for centuries, the long-surviving fortress of the kingdom is an inspiring archaeological wonder that will be worthy of your time.

Dating back to 1865, the fortress is a fortification of clay and mud-brick with four beautiful watchtowers guarding its every corner. While inside the fortress you will find ancient maps, costumes, photographs and guns put out to public display.

Note: The visiting times that the fortress is open to men, women and families may differ, therefore it is better to check with the fortress’s opening schedule before you visit.



National Museum-where-to-go-in-riyadh

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2. Dive into the Arabian History at the National Museum

The National Museum of Riyadh is one of the greatest and biggest museums in Saudi Arabia. Full of historic artefacts that portray Arabian art, traditions and heritage, it is the ideal cultural hub to expand your knowledge of the kingdom’s vivid history. The national museum with its mystical collection of sculptures, antiques and various other exhibits from all over the decades will take you on a memorable trip on Arabian civilisations and their deep religious roots.


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3. A Magical View at the Kingdom Center

Kingdom Center is an iconic landmark within the modern architectural heart of the city. It is one of the tallest within the sky-high buildings towering the streets of Riyadh. Riyadh with its exceptional taste in extravagance and luxury has a multitude of luxurious department stores, restaurants and outlets crammed within the premises of the Kingdom Center. 

Kingdom Center with its distinctive architecture of reflective glass walls is one of the major tourist attractions of the country. The amazing Sky Bridge located in the Kingdom Center will give you a breath-taking panorama view of the whole city in its full glory. 

The sunsets and night views of the city unraveled through the panoramic vision of the bridge will never cease to amaze you. It is a must-see on our list of best things to do in Riyadh.

King Abdullah Malaz Park-where-to-go-in-riyadh

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4. Take a Relaxing Stroll Through the King Abdullah Malaz Park

Want to take a break from your busy life and enjoy the good old comfort of nature at its best? King Abdullah Malaz Park aka KAMP should be a definite go-to in your travel itinerary. KAMP is the largest yet the most well-maintained park in the city housing an immense spread of luscious greenery along with cozy cafes, restaurants, playgrounds and auditoriums. The park consists of beautifully paved pathways for jogging, cycling or for casual strolls. KAMP can be your ideal destination for either a relaxing evening picnic or an energetic day filled with leisure and sports.

KAMP is very well known among both tourists and locals alike for its dancing water fountains overlooking the beautiful lake. The dancing water fountain displays are usually held in the evenings – featuring a spectrum of vibrant colors lighting up the whole park luminously. It is truly a fascinating sight you wouldn’t want to miss – especially at nights!


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5. Tour the World Sights Park

Packed with miniature replicas of the world-famous monuments and landmarks, this spectacular park is a popular attraction in the city of Riyadh. Scattered over a spread of 25000 square feet are the well-known replicas of the Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, Taj Mahal and many more. The park also models a section of replicas dedicated to the locally known attractions such as the Madain Saleh and the two holy mosques. The Park is famous among families as a place to enjoy a leisurely picnic while munching some goodies readily available on the snack carts and vendors on site. 


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6. Visit the Biggest Zoo in Riyadh

Spread over 55 acres of massive land, Riyadh zoological garden is the perfect paradise to spend some quality time with your children. Preserving a large number of locally endangered species, this family-friendly zoo is home to 1000’s of animals from different species. 

Note: The best to visit the zoo is in the evening when the weather is less hot and bearable for the kids. You can always take the twenty-minute train ride to explore the far stretched corners of the zoo to your heart’s content. Be mindful of the opening and visiting schedules of the zoo before you plan your visit.

Deera Souq-where-to-go-in-riyadh

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7. Shop at the Deera Souq

Deera Souq aka Soug al-Thumairi is located just by the Al-Masak Fortress and is a bustling narrow street filled with small lined up shops of ambitious vendors. These street shops are packed with products that scream the true Arabian essence. From clothes to furniture and jewellery to antiques Deer Souq has everything you could ever need. It’s a true heaven for all shopaholics willing to expose themselves to the traditional Saudi shopping experience.

Tip- Always be prepared to bargain for the best prices!

Edge of the World-where-to-go-in-riyadh

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8. Trek to the Edge of the world

Edge of the world aka Jebei Fihrayn is a contemplating nature’s wonder rising high up along the endless stretch of desserts. If you like outdoor adventures, this is an excellent place for you to treat yourself to a mesmerising trek. The edge of the world is a significant viewpoint – offering a breathtaking view of the infinite valleys of barren lands seamlessly stretched towards the far horizon. Standing on the precipice, you will witness nature at its best with distinctive hues and shades. 

Red Sand Dunes-where-to-go-in-riyadh

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9. Adventure the Red Sand Dunes

As one of the major attractions in the kingdom, Riyadh’s famous red dunes play a major part in the kingdom’s tourism sector. The site features massive windswept dunes surrounded by mountains making it the ideal location for an ultimate ATV experience.

Al Faisaliah Tower-where-to-go-in-riyadh

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10. Fine Dine at Al Faisaliah Tower

The state-of-the-art skyscraper is a modern architectural treasure among the fast-growing commercial towers in the city. The iconic building’s design is praised worldwide with its architecture of a massive glass ball suspended at the top of the tower. The Al Faisaliah Tower houses many extravagant shops and high-end stores catering to both local and international brands. The massive glass ball at the tower top is home to a luxurious restaurant called the Globe offering you the pleasure of fine-dining with a 360-view of the city horizons.

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