Erika’s Studio Art - Opening Soon

Erika’s Studio Art - Opening Soon
The allure of craftsmanship is timeless – but why? Mass production may have benefits such as consistency and reduced expenses, but there’s immeasurable value in a handmade product, a bespoke service, or the kind of knowledge that can come only from years of hands-on experience. That value holds true across time and across borders. UNESCO’s Living Human Treasures program, for example, honours exemplary bearers of living heritage, from oral traditions to social practices to traditional craftsmanship – heritage that “provides communities, groups and individuals with a sense of identity and continuity.”
That’s what makes a craft special: There’s a person behind it who cares deeply about what they’re creating and about sharing its significance with others. Artisanship is a window into another person’s joy, and often leads to interactions that add richness to our lives.

Artist and owner of Erika’s Studio Art
Opening Soon at Al Nakhla Residential Resort

How did you get inspired for the art of panting?
I was born in Guadalajara, México. At the age of 18 I was living in Europe where my new life began. I have always loved painting and thanks to Riyadh, I’ve finally dedicated most of my time to do my passion and now I’m doing exhibitions in galleries, embassies, private sales as well as teaching in my studio.
What do you love about the culture here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
Without a doubt 2011 was my year. Saudi Arabia has offered me a very unique and enchanting experience. Believe it or not, this country has inspired me in a very positive and creative ways. And today I’m sharing this experience with all of you.
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